Should I Have Guitar Lessons at Musicland?

Should I Have Guitar Lessons at Musicland?

A question which I am often asked is whether it is worth attending Guitar Lessons or whether it is possible to learn the instrument 'on your own'. In this post I want to hopefully provide an answer to this question.

Now, I am not going to lie to you here. There are many musicians who have learned the guitar without taking a single lesson. However, it is worth noting that there are many more musicians who have actually taken lessons. It is very rare for somebody to be able to teach themselves an instrument to a professional standard without having some form of tuition. You would have to be a 'musical god' for this to happen. It is unlikely that you are (no offence!). If you truly want to master your instrument then you are going to need to learn from the professionals that offer guitar lessons in Bromley or Romford.

One of the main reasons as to why I suggest everybody attends guitar lessons at Musicland in Bromley or Romford is to ensure that you get the 'technique' right when it comes to playing. Yes, there are countless videos online that you can watch. However, you can't interact with these videos. There is nobody there telling you when you are holding your plectrum in the wrong way or if your finger movements are not good enough. You get this with a tutor. They will point out the flaws in your playing so you can improve. You need to remember that a great deal of guitar playing is 'muscle memory'. Once your fingers have learned how to play something in a certain way and it is ingrained inside of you it can be very difficult to break this habit. This means that your guitar playing is going to suffer for a good while. I therefore suggest that you start to take guitar lessons at Musicland as soon as possible after deciding you want to play the guitar.

Another reason is to help boost your creativity. Many people who opt to learn at home will base their knowledge on certain songs. This is all well and good. However, you are not learning to be creative by playing somebody else's song. Far from it. Guitar lessons at Musicland will help teach you the theory of music. You will then be able to take this theory and apply it to your own playing. Many people who attend guitar lessons will actually learn how to play a couple of simple songs that they have written themselves within a couple of short weeks. You will not do this learning the instrument yourself.

It is perhaps going to be one of the best ways for you to improve your guitar playing in the quickest amount of time.
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